Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bean Town

The first stop on our trip (after a great farewell visit with Tyrone´s family in Bellingham and Seattle) was Boston (a.k.a. Bean Town) to visit with our good friend Verity. We were both surprised at how beautiful the city of Boston is. We were expecting lots of skyscrapers and people, but were greeted with quaint neighbourhoods full of beautiful buildings and fall foliage.

Many of you who think of Boston think of cream donuts, Red Socks and Cheers. We unfortunately did not eat a single Boston cream donut during our visit, nor did we see a baseball game; however, we did go "where everybody knows your naaaame... and you`re always glad you caaaaame!" That`s right - Cheers! Yet no one knew our names and the food was crap, so we were only partially glad we went... the beer was beer, so that was nice! And we had great company, as we were joined by Verity and her good friend and neighbour, Jeff.

Umm.. Cheers!?

Also close to Boston is Cambridge, the home of Mr. John Harvard himself (below).

The Harvard campus is absolutely stunning in autumn, but we couldn´t enjoy its full potential, as it started to rain the very second we got off the train!

Really smart guy above.

More really smart people.

Really smart building...

Above is part of the Boston Commons park.

Below, we stumbled upon an entrance for general hookers... we couldn´t find where the extraordinary ones went...
And then we realized that Hooker was just a name give to an unfortunate, albeit revered, General.

Boston is a gorgeous city that is definitely worth a visit if you haven´t been! Thanks for having us Verity!


  1. Hey Lyd! I just mentioned your site on my twitter account ( A lot of other travel bloggers follow me so hopefully that will bring a lot of traffic to your site :) I'll be checking back here regularly to read your travel adventures!

  2. Hi Guys! Great Blog! Love the commentary and photos. Impressed with how quickly you got it all organized. Pretty funny that I became more concerned with you guys getting safely out of New York than arriving in Columbia! Looking forward to your next entry. Take Care. Love Mom xoxoxo