Friday, October 29, 2010


Our first little side trip was down to Salem Massachusetts for some good old fashion witch hunting. Salem is about30 minutes out of Boston, and it is honestly comprised of about 50% witchcraft shops. What I wasn´t sure of though, however, is whether it is the same year round, or if it gets especially Salemy during the month of October. Regardless, it was a great way to spend an October day. We spent the day going to haunted houses, museums, and even a haunted play. The majority of the day was spent just taking in the haunted sites that the city has to offer.

In Salem, even the squirrels are haunted!

Walking through town, we came across several wretched looking witches!

Not to mention the odd pirate or two!

And several haunted houses as well.

It´s not until the sun comes down when the freaks come out.

So we took a trip to the ´Bunghole´and picked up some bottles of magic ´fireball´potion to ward off the chills down our spine!

After the fireball, the b.. I mean witches then finished the night with a few potions and we were on our way back to Boston to escape persecution!

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  1. The dorkiest picture: The midget buchaneer! Pirate, whatever! All the best, Norman