Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Salar de Uyuni Pt. 1 - Salt Flats Fun

We joined a gal that we met on the Potosi mine tour on the bus ride south to the Salar de Uyuni (salt flats of Uyuni) and grabbed a few more people we met in town to join us on a 3-day tour.

The tour started with a craft market that also featured salt statues, like this salt llama (constructed to size)!

Tyrone and I were fascinated with the snow-like look of the salt and attempted a salt-fight, but failed when we tried to form salt-balls.

We hopped in a vehicle and took a ride to the middle of the flats. We didn't know until we arrived that stuffed animals, especially dinosaurs, magically grow to 1000x their size upon entering the salt flats...

As do Tyrones... one of which almost stepped on the rest of our group!

He realized he almost squished me, so he picked me up for safe-keeping and gave me a kiss :)

Our booze stash also grew... and here we stand proudly next to 40,000 litres of hardbar and wine!

Family shot :)

We played a game of leap-frog...

...and then decided to build a human pyramid!

We then drove further out to the wet flats and gave ourselves a natural, freezing-cold salt foot scrub.

The salt flats change in appearance with every angle... they go from looking like a snow and ice-laden desert to looking like a luxurious beach at low-tide.

After some lunch at a shack-like hotel in the middle of the flats, we headed to a train graveyard nearby. We didn't know what to expect from a lot with retired trains, but we found ourselves upon a photographer's paradise! The skies and lighting were perfect to highlight the rusting locomotives.

We had fun exploring the trains, much like kids at a jungle-gym!

Tyrone posing and pointing at something off in the distance...

...and later climbing that something off in the distance and posing some more!

Later that afternoon, we drove to a small encampment consisting of a few bungalows to house the groups of tourists. They were basic and dusty and so cold that the shower was a frozen stream of water hanging from a tap! We didn't mind much, though, as we were all awestruck from the vast and majestic day at the salt flats... and we had our giant bottles of booze to crack open that night! We were definitely excited to see what the next two days of the tour had in store for us, and most certainly were not disappointed...

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